My Recent Thoughts

As most people around me know, I will be taking part in a group show in Chelsea, NY. I am going to be at the reception of the show. It's New York baby! I'm gonna be there!


There's one thing I'm definitely dying to do while I'm there....I will be going crazy shopping and buying everything that I see:P You might not belive me but those clothes and cosmetic products, they actually talk to me with really cute faces!

Well, setting the shoppaholic nature of me aside, I have been painting almost every weekend to create new artworks to exhibit in NY. Now it's almost July, and that means I only have less than a month and a half to prepare for the group show! I am so excited, and yet so anxious at the same time for "various" reasons. However, I'd rather feel anxious due to taking risks, than to risk nothing. If all I do this year is to sit and couch-potato on Netflix or Fire TV(which I do occasionally...or more:P), it just means that I am waiting for myself to turn into a human-potato and rot on a couch. I don't want to do that. I'd rather taste those lemons even if the whole world is against me, than to live a mundane life of letting the society take advantage of me for it to function conveniently(for people like Trump). When life gives you lemons, you just make that face that Pop Team Epic characters(my favorite anime BTW) do, and freakin' move on, right? 

So whatever happens in the near future, I am hoping to update everything in NY and after. I plan to bring my own camera there, too. But first, I have to go shopping in Japan to prepare for the shopping in NY because I gotta look fabulous!!!!! 

So chao for now!