"No one can make you inferior without your consent"

by Eleanor Roosevelt

“I'm scared that I'm not myself and I’m scared that I am.”

by Piper from OITNB



Photo by Jarod Hodge

About Emi

Emi Westside was born in Japan. She has binge-studied English in Canada at age 15, and stransferred to an international school from age 16. Her artist name originates from her last name Nishiwaki (aka West-armpit/side), which also adds to the fact that she has lived on the west coast(side) of USA for college. She transferred to Temple University, Japan Campus and completed her degree in art as a Cum Laude in 2016. She held her first solo exhibition in Tokyo in February, and took part in a group exhibition in December of the same year. She was a part of the group show "We" held in Chelsea, NY in August of 2018.

Her inspirations come from the moments of discoveries in everyday life and simply from surviving her life. She strives to capture her view of the world as an interpretation of life itself, rather than what she wishes her ideal world should be as a form of art. She finds depth of meaning in embracing both the bright side and the flip side of reality as they are intertwined.

She currently works as a graphic designer in Tokyo, while continuing to produce more exciting artworks.


Slaying the 90s style (Photo credit: Yukimi Westside)

Slaying the 90s style (Photo credit: Yukimi Westside)

日本生まれ。15歳でカナダに語学留学し、16歳の時に都内のインターナショナルスクールに通い始める。アーティスト名である「Westside」は彼女の名字の西脇から由来したもの。その響き通り、大学時代はアメリカ西海岸のカリフォルニア州に住んでいたことがある。その後テンプル大学でアートを学び優等で卒業。2016年の2月に個展を開催、のち同年の12月にグループ展にも参加 。昨年8月にはニューヨークのグループ展"We"に参加。